Saturday, August 9, 2014

Peace Arrives on a Feather

Three days ago, I walked alongside Kalorama Park and spotted a dark grey feather on the dark concrete path. It looked beautiful, tone on tone.

Two days ago, I happened upon a medium grey feather on the medium grey sidewalk near Mintwood Place restaurant in Columbia Road. 

Two days, two feathers. Okay, Universe,  I thought, I’d like to see a light feather on a light background. Tomorrow, please, on Day Three

I set out again on foot in the neighborhood yesterday, this time to meet friends for dinner. Mid-block on Vernon Street, resting atop the very light grey concrete beneath my feet: three downy, light grey and white feathers. 
Three days, three sightings. 

This morning on the sofa I finished writing Morning Pages. I rested my right hand on my right hip and felt a small bump on the side of my pants. I gently picked at it, coaxing out something caught in the seam. 

A small white feather emerged. I have no clue how it arrived in my bottoms. With an allergy to feathers, I have none in the house. 
I feel silly admitting this, but I felt like a magician. {After all, an anagram in my name is alchemy sorcery raj.}

Coincidence? Hyper-sensitive/aware subconscious? Or synchronicity of something? 

Grey feathers are said to be symbolic of peace. Peace is what I seek in my life at this moment. 

I am in transition. I approach the one year anniversary of my father’s death, coming full circle after 12 months of grief and mourning. I complete almost three years the freedom of freelancing and return to the corporate world in a week.

Many lessons remind me change is the only constant in life. I’ve struggled with this concept and am determined to breathe, remain open, and relax into the inevitable movement of life.

Elizabeth Lesser, in Broken Open: How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow, shares this Buddhist Sutra:
Unceasing change turns the wheel of life,and so reality is shown in all its many forms.Dwell peacefully as change itselfliberates all suffering sentient beingsand brings them great joy.  
Change liberates and brings joy. The wheel of life turns, I release my grasp so I might know peace. 

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