Tuesday, July 22, 2014

On Playing Big

Synchronicity flashed before my eyes this morning.

Seated at the darling Little Red Fox’s communal table, I dove into the advance copy of Tara Mohr’s soon-to-be released book, Playing Big. In her leadership program of the same name, Tara explores why some women fail to share their brilliance, and coaches them to find their voice, mission, and message. 

I finished Chapter 6: Hiding and considered how I’ve procrastinated playing bigger. It’s inspirational for this reformed shadow artistwho has spent a lot of her life dodging the spotlight while serving others. Heavy sigh.

I picked up my mobile and checked email. A friend asked, “Ready for your birthday?”

My special day is tomorrow and I’ve been contemplating how to spend it. I’ve decided to gift myself time and space for self-reflection and envision the second half of the year. And, savor a lemon lavender cupcake from The Cakeroom.

Lemon lavender goodness

I hit reply in gmail. My fat fingers tapped: 
Before I finished typing, and in an instant, my iPhone autocorrected to:


Maybe laying low and reflecting on my life is hiding, but I know this coincidence is connected with what I had read moments before. Specifically, 20 pages of Tara’s “hiding strategies” that help one stall, plus the action steps to become visible and have a bigger positive impact on the world. 

Several of the strategies are familiar; it’s now an uncomfortable way to live. I’m actively working through transition in many areas of my life. Something is shifting within. And the close approximation of gifting/hiding is a reassuring sign.

As I sift through 2014 and set an intention for the reminder of the year, and my life, I’m eager to focus on Chapter 7: Leaping

I have faith the net will appear.

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