Friday, May 30, 2014

Sweet Sorrow

single digits

double digits (23 to be exact)

Nine months ago today my beloved father died. Two days earlier, he had major chest pains and at 11:00 p.m. called for help. A neighbor later told me he watched my pop walk from the house to the waiting ambulance. That’s how tough he was. Left his home upright. Righteous.

My brother sent me a packet containing a copy of dad’s medical records from his final days. The large white envelope arrived in the mail yesterday. 

I opened to a page at random and read: “Patient is pleasant, alert, comfortable, with a blood pressure of 148/90, pulse of 88 and irregular chronic atrial fibrillation.” 

Pleasant, alert, comfortable. I find comfort in these words. 

William Hrycaj was pleasant and alert. And generous, curious, clever. A lover of sports, he also marveled at all manner of beauty in nature. A robust social animal, he was widely known about town. Full of life one moment. Shockingly quiet shortly thereafter.

My acute grief has eased a bit and I experience a gentler mourning. It’s still punctuated with intense, periodic episodes of pain and tears, though. It sucks.

But I’m grateful to have known him for so long. And, I’m grateful he is at peace. I miss and love you pops.


  1. Sending you light and love. How blessed you are and always will be for such a special spirit in your life that was your Dad xo

    1. Carolyn, thank you for your dear, kind words of comfort. xoxox