Sunday, March 10, 2013

Classique Choices

Hardwick stove, circa 1950s, still in use today and 
The New Laurel’s Kitchen cookbook, first published 1976, 
reprinted 1986, and acquired in the mid-1990s, still in use today

The New Laurel’s Kitchen, a handbook for vegetarian cookery and nutrition, contains a dedication that, more than 15 years ago gently, quietly shifted me toward a plant-based diet:
For our teacher, Eknath Easwaran, who understood the appeal in the eyes of the glossy black calf on its way to the slaughterhouse many years ago, and inspired us, and thousands like us, to give the gift of life.
The cookbook was recommended by a dietician at Georgetown University Hospital and became the first of many such resources. 

At the time, and unknown to me, I was to evolve into a vegetarian. It unfolded organically, rooted in ethics. 

The eyes of the glossy black calf.

First, I eliminated fish and seafood from my diet. Gradually beef and pork. Finally, all poultry, after following a truck packedpackedpacked with chickens on their way to a slaughterhouse on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Can you imagine the chaos in a big a$$ truck rolling at 55 MPH for miles and miles and miles?

I vowed not to eat meat again. 

A part of my sunny pantry, circa 2013

My practice and study of yoga years later broadened my view of non-harming and nonviolence. In the eight-limb path of yoga, and specifically the yamas and niyamas, the sanskrit word is Ahimsa ... kindness. For all living beings. 

Yoga Sutra 2:35 says, “Being firmly grounded in nonviolence creates an atmosphere in which others can let go of their hostility.”

I embrace thoughts of kindness with choices I make, including the jewelry I hand knot with love {vegan all}. 

Malas of faux pearls and non-silk thread

Peace and love.

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