Tuesday, February 19, 2013

In Service

Uplift others and myself. This is my credo, crafted during yoga teacher training fall 2011. I've worked to live it as my karma yoga project -- teach 10 hours of yoga to clients of the Austin Center for Health and Living at Whitman Walker Health -- expanded to 14 months.

I co-taught many of the 55+ classes with my dear friend, Merel. I first introduced us as “the two Dutch girls. Merel is from Amsterdam, Holland. And I am from Amsterdam ... New York.” A sublime coincidence.

I’m grateful to Merel and the wonderful souls who showed up week in, and week out. One student, living at a local shelter for women, told me our sessions were the only calm in her day, her week. Counselors commented that the yoga students seemed to go deeper into meditation, a benefit perhaps from the centering practices and mindful movement. 

Merel returned to the Netherlands six weeks ago. Every Tuesday I’ve continued to teach, sending peace & love her way. I miss her dearly. Here’s a photo of us on her last day. {Look, no make up!}

Several weeks ago Center staff announced changes at WW, which would mean changes to its service delivery model. Which would mean the closing of the Austin Center February 28, after 21 years. My yoga in this setting ends as well.

So, I taught my last class at the Center today. Reflecting, I’m grateful for the:
  • Honor of creating and holding space for others
  • Opportunity to teach the power of the breath paired with asana
  • Recognition of grace, strength and light in each of us
I’ve gained much more than I have given. Namaste.


  1. A beautiful reflection on a beautiful undertaking. Those students were truly blessed to have you and Merel teaching them. And from my brief time working with them, I can tell you that I understand how incredibly blessed you must feel having had the opportunity to work with them. xoxo

  2. I don't believe it. Shattered for you, and for the lovely bunch of people I met there.

    And yes, you really do live by your credo.

  3. Yes, K, so many marvelous beings.