Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bienvenue a 2013

Welcome to a new year, at long last. These last 12 months have been wildly exhilarating and simply brutal. I’ll spare you the details that I’ve been processing during my year-end ritual

Let’s look ahead. 

This year I celebrate ... pink. Many of my women friends have long adored shades ranging from blush to fuchsia. I remember it absent from my youth. Having been raised in large part by my father, and with three older brothers in the household, pink’s cousins red and orange surfaced periodically. But nothing as divine as rose. 

L’annee du rose is a year {to paraphrase Valentino} of strength, sophistication and femininity. 

Red was my beloved mother’s favorite color, she once confessed; and her mother’s name was Rose. In their honor, I plan to explore the deeper connections between and among us. 

Bonne annee et bonne sante!

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