Sunday, September 30, 2012


Recently, I met up with a dear friend for an afternoon walk along the C&O Canal in Georgetown. We strolled, caught up and chatted about upcoming plans whilst dodging runners and groups of cyclists {“on your left!”}. 

A guide met us at the outset, on this divine day of a clear blue sky and long rays of an autumnal sun: A solitary blue heron, poised at the water’s edge. Later, as we headed for home, the splendid heron reappeared. Our totem? 

I’ll admit, I occasionally look for a sign. And if the sign fits . . . . 

Consider this interpretation
GREAT BLUE HERON is a majestic bird who teaches us the wisdom of standing still, waiting patiently, while what we need comes to us.
For the two-legged with Blue Heron as a Totem, there will be a desire to establish themselves as a unique and independent Being, often making these souls the revolutionaries that disrupt the status quo of society in order to elicit change and evolution. 
Although this is a trait with many challenges, when operating from its Highest Vibration, Blue Heron souls teach the rest of us the value and importance of each individual contribution to the Whole.
Meanings and Messages: Ability to Stand Alone, Uniqueness, Independence, Call to Balance, Self-Esteem, Boundaries, Dignity, Exploration, Peace, Fluidity.
Dites moi, SVP, what’s your sign?