Monday, February 27, 2012

A Working Artist's Date

One of my favorite things about this new life is living in eco-luxe TranquilliT, a line of layers of rayon made from bamboo. Fabulously comfortable, the clothing is created in Washington, D.C., by the talented designer/yogini/entrepreneur Kimberly Wilson.
Another favorite thing is indulging in creative endeavors large and small. I was thrilled to spend Friday afternoon with stylist/make up artist/beauty blogger Julia Coney as an extra pair of eyes and hands for the photo shoot of TranquiliT’s spring 2012 collection. With the Jay-Z Pandora station for inspiration.
I snapped these shots of the beautiful Lesley Ware, who was in town from Brooklyn to model new pieces. Doesn’t she look fabulous? 
See how photographer Patrick Onofre captured the fall 2011 collection

Looking forward to seeing new pieces in Tangerine and Ink soon.
Dites moi, SVP, how do you inject your day with creativity?


  1. TranquiliT + Jay-Z -- you can't go wrong. Fun times:).

  2. and you wear TranquiliT sooooo well! xoxox