Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Creative Entrepreneurs

A year ago I sat in my windowless office at my old job dreaming entrepreneurial dreams. Jennifer Lee, Artizen Coaching, sustained me for an hour a day over two weeks with her 2011 Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit for creative entrepreneurs. 

Jenn, a brilliant life coach, is hosting the video summit again this year from February 27 through March 2 and I’m viewing it from a very different place. I’m attending from my sunny home office/studio and again reveling in every moment.  

Each session is broadcast live via a private Livestream channel and is also available afterwards for 48 hours. Featured guests cover a range of topics including heart-centered selling, social media, legal basics, the art of earning, spread your message and more! 

While the Summit officially kicked off yesterday, there’s still time to catch up and indulge in some creative right brain business planning. 

I’m paying special attention now as I relaunch my yoga-inspired line of jewels -- Blossoming Sutra. Did you notice the new Shop! page on my blog?

Dites moi, SVP, what’s your creative next step?

Monday, February 27, 2012

A Working Artist's Date

One of my favorite things about this new life is living in eco-luxe TranquilliT, a line of layers of rayon made from bamboo. Fabulously comfortable, the clothing is created in Washington, D.C., by the talented designer/yogini/entrepreneur Kimberly Wilson.
Another favorite thing is indulging in creative endeavors large and small. I was thrilled to spend Friday afternoon with stylist/make up artist/beauty blogger Julia Coney as an extra pair of eyes and hands for the photo shoot of TranquiliT’s spring 2012 collection. With the Jay-Z Pandora station for inspiration.
I snapped these shots of the beautiful Lesley Ware, who was in town from Brooklyn to model new pieces. Doesn’t she look fabulous? 
See how photographer Patrick Onofre captured the fall 2011 collection

Looking forward to seeing new pieces in Tangerine and Ink soon.
Dites moi, SVP, how do you inject your day with creativity?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Vision Board Redux

Earlier this year, I paused over a stack of magazines and a folder of clippings to set an intention for the year. I then selected phrases and photos that resonated with me. The vision board above emerged. 

I last created a vision board whilst still working in my last job. Jam packed with stuff, I covered every inch of the 22 1/2 x 14 poster board and left barely any room to breathe. 

Now, with time and space, I'm breathing again. Working to gain clarity as I shift gears and direction. 

Dites moi, SVP, what are you envisioning?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How to Survive 21 Days of Yoga? Smile and Breathe!

After graduating from yoga teacher training at Tranquil Space in December, I succumbed to a massive cold. Sidelined for weeks, I was. 
I gathered my wits in the new year and indulged in 21 yoga classes in 21 days as a part of TS’s January Yoga Challenge.  This jumpstart-my-yoga practice yielded:
  • 26 hours and 15 minutes of blissful vinyassa flow
  • 21 heartfelt intentions set centered on Aparigraha {greedlessness, letting go} and Ahimsa {compassion, kindness}
  • 150+ Sun Salutations, including Surya Namaskar step backs and/or SN A and/or SN B 
  • 42 juicy Adho Mukha Eda Pada Rajakapotasanas aka Pigeon Pose, the supreme hip opener helping to surface a host of issues and emotions held in the tissues
  • 126 minutes in relaxing, wide-awake savasanna 
  • 42 soulful chants of OM in unison with fellow yogis
  • 1 tranquiliTEA a la Tranquil Space tea cup as a reminder of my commitment to myself (see photo above with the Yogi Purely Peppermint's tag "May you have love, kindness and compassion for all living things")  
The transition from I NEED to do this to I WANT to do this occurred on Day 11 of the Challenge. It clicked once more, as I settled onto the mat: Asana connected with the breath is a powerful tool of discovery and transformation for all aspects of life.

Renewed, I’m committed anew to living my yoga off the mat, one breath at a time.
Dites moi, SVP, how’s your practice?