Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hello My Name Is . . .

Now that I’ve left the corporate world and leapt into the new economy, allow me to officially introduce myself.
Moi = Carol Meyers, and I’m finding my way in a new-to-me world. You’ll find one version of moi on facebook, twitter and linkedin

A new, improved version is unfolding here. 
My intention for 2012 is to recreate/redesign/rework parts of this vibrant life. Transform one reality for the vision of an evolving, better fitting, more enriching and life affirming adventure. 
To begin, I’ve started by actively engaging in the process of letting go of what no longer serves me -- including fear, doubt and resistance -- to make room for something new from my heart. 
The volume of physical, psychological and emotional clutter is remarkable. I’m taking it bird-by-bird, one item at a time, as Anne Lamott suggests. I’ve unearthed art stowed away long ago, old letters from my mother and sister, and the journal from my first European adventure.
I’m practicing patience and tapping resources like yoga and meditation as I clear the space. Plus, I’m learning a lot from a host of individuals who’ve envisioned and created glorious lives and successful businesses already.
One person from whom I’m learning more about myself is Tara Gentile. Take a listen to Kimberly Wilson’s recent Tranquility du Jour podcast with Tara. Genius!

Now, I’d love to hear more about YOU! What are you releasing these days? Where are you headed, exactly? 

Photo: I recently happened upon a copy of She... (by Kobi Yamada) and this page feel open.  

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