Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Life Outside of the 9-to-5 — Week Two

I’m adjusting to my new way of life, slowly but surely. I’ve indulged in many simple pleasures.
Yoga at noon. In the city(!).
Meet ups over chai with wonderful friends who already live on this side of the 9-to-5 equation who’ve created their ideal, a combination of freelance gigs with blogging and more.
Tools, chiefly gmail chat and AIM, to stay connected with former colleagues on the inside. One day I am in the office, with them. Pinging. The next day, I am 10 miles to the east. Separate. Pinging. I find comfort in periodically reaching across the digital divide.  
There are also some unexpected delights. 
Yesterday at around 6:20 p.m., I sat in my home office {home work space? play space?}.
The wind, out of the west, delivered the sound of Taps being played on the grounds of the U.S. Naval Observatory, where one also finds the residence of the vice president of the United States. Taps used to be played by a live person, but I’m told it’s a live person recorded for the occasion. Either way, it’s lovely.

This afternoon, I listened to a police escort of protesters walking south on Connecticut Avenue. I spied many individuals carrying flags of Tibet across the bridge over Rock Creek Park to the Chinese Embassy. I can hear their call and response chants ... what do we want? ... when do we want it? 
How fortunate I am on so many levels. Happily present to bear witness. 
Photos: A view at twilight toward Taps. An afternoon shot in the same direction. Above the light brown tree, lower left, can you see The First Amendment in motion? And that white dome in the upper right corner is the Naval Observatory.

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