Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thanks. I Quit.*

Over the last three plus years, I’ve weathered a lot of changes in my professional life. Some glorious and some, honestly, awful. Throughout, I chose not to write about any of it here. 
My day job with a huge global, Fortune 200 corporation intentionally has been off limits as I instead focused on the other parts of my life -- from yoga and creativity to kindness and connection.
Until now.
Change has been a constant in my work life with said institution. Much of the change has been not of my making nor done with my input. Thus, I’ve been reminded over and over about attachment. Respond instead of react. Loosen the grip and let go, allowing room for acceptance to enter.
I’ve been a corporate yogini working from a place of compassion alongside many competitive souls who provided ample opportunity to practice ahimsa. And for that I am grateful.
In January, I set an intention of considered change. Julia Cameron says in the Artist’s Way at Work, "Choosing change as a considered, deliberate course of action makes us feel powerful and alive."
I’ve been pondering these words over the last 10 months and making micro movements everyday in the direction of my dreams. 
On October 5, after much consideration, I resigned my position. Today I take the leap.
The risk of leaving one job without another in place is mildly unnerving. However, I’m grateful for the privilege to do so with the love and support of my husband and dearest friends. 
I’m inspired and empowered as I say goodbye -- for now -- to my big, fat crazy corporate job. To restore and renew, create and discover. I’ll miss so many wonderful souls who’ve enriched my life and taught me a lot about . . . moi.
I’m honored to share the rest of my journey with you here as I find my way.

* Merci, Martha Beck, for the perfect incantation. 

PHOTO: From the etsy collection of the talented Christine Mason Miller. Much love.


  1. I am so proud of you Carol. So many wish to do that and yet are afraid to take the leap. Enjoy I know wonderful gifts are coming your way...Namaste

  2. Your words mean so much, thank you Carolyn! xoxox

  3. Wow! Can't wait to hear about the next chapter. I have a feeling it is already unfolding. Love you!

  4. Yes, Tessa, all is well. Love you more!

  5. What a brave decision! Sometimes it can be comforting not to know what is coming next, to enjoy the journey and let the story unfold. Good luck and enjoy this time!

  6. Thank you, Sage Butterfly ... thus far, I am enjoying as it unfolds!