Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Tier of Knots From Way Back

Think back to your childhood, career coaches advise, to discover your true calling in life. What did you love to do? How did you spend those hours so consumed you completely lost track of time? 
Me? I climbed trees, skinned my knees and dreamed BIG with my best friend. 
Turns out, I also made knots. 

I learned to tie my shoes at four or perhaps five years of age and enjoyed great success creating snug little clumps in my laces. I don’t remember the experience, actually, but I do recall one Christmas gift that informs.
Under the tree early on Christmas morning, my oldest brother handed me a small brown cardboard box and coaxed me to open, “It’s from Santa.” 
I lifted the top and looked inside, puzzled for just a moment. There was a length of red string, like the butcher used to wrap up our deli packages. It was tied into knots. A pair of tweezers rested along side. “You can practice.” Thanks, bro.
My siblings don’t remember the incident, but I assure you it’s vivid in my mind’s eye. 
Dozens of years later I found my way back to string. Is it possible to parlay this long-lost talent into a lucrative creative outlet after all? Wish me luck!
Photo: Moi playing mermaid at the Shore, taking a break from all that string.

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