Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Slice of Summertime in the City

The summer heat in Washington, D.C., smolders. The sun lazily penetrates the thick humid air, which moves gently yet infrequently. I set out for the morning, reaching for my portable shade -- a beautiful broad brimmed hat that provides instant relief as I navigate the neighborhood. 
A new ritual of late is weekend yoga at Embrace, founded by the inspirational Faith HunterThe studio is cozy and colorful, awash in Faith’s trademark bright pink, green, purple, blue and orange. I place my mat strategically under one of the vents cooling the room.
Kristin, leading a mindful flow, encourages us to set an intention related to the Independence Day Weekend.  As a wise man recently told me, “You are moving into a light, uplifting time emotionally. As a very creative person, you need freedom to express yourself fully. You can be safe or you can be free.” 
I chose freedom. During class we open hips and stretch hamstrings, accessing parts of ourselves buried. I breathe deeply and prepare for leaps of faith, leaps of freedom. 
On the journey home I snap two shots of a single white flower, when examined reveal metaphors.

The first illustrates my life before yoga; fine, but a little out of focus. In the second, with yoga, I see transcendence. A crispness with a glow from the heart. Light and shadow. Imperfect beauty. Potential being realized.
Dites moi, SVP, how do you mindfully let freedom ring?

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