Saturday, July 23, 2011

Go Shorty

Add the numbers of my new chronological age and you will get eight, which in numerology represents abundance. I’m truly grateful for my full, beautiful life, which is rich with love, lusciousness and adventure. A slice of the daylight:
  • Detoxed for five hours with the fabulous Seane Corn in her mind/body/spirit flow workshop, complete with a Sweetgreen lunch with Alison and Kristin
  • Gifted Seane with a handmade-this-morning card of thanks, featuring the lovely photo of perogies (a comfort food we share). I’m working on quieting my cravings for the plump dumplings
  • Shopped at the Tranquil Space boutique for Yogi Appreciation week; scored a fabulous TranquiliT hoodie tunic in noir at a deep discount. Love! 
  • Sipped iced tea with city/girl/eats, hang on little tomato and everyday revelry. At long last!
Tonight? A cool, quiet evening in the a/c on the sofa with my man.

Dites moi, how do you celebrate transitions?


    1. It was so great to meet you! Happy Birthday!

    2. Yes! And you have to tell me all about your Roots adventure : )