Monday, June 13, 2011 Serves a Course of Inspiration

Apropos of mid-year, I reviewed some wants/wishes/desires set forth at the start of 2011. A blogging course was envisioned, and now it’s manifesting.
Ah,, with your luscious offerings ... social media boot camp, digital journalism, online video bootcamp {sigh}. I’ve decided to start simpler, with Blogging 101, taught by the talented Melanie Nayer.
My Week One assignment is to craft a mission statement, which in the 16 months since I established this blog I have yet to do. So, I offer the following.
Mission Statement
Uplift others and myself by living this credo:
   . Breathe. 
   . Love who you are.
   . Live in the moment.
   . Dream glowy dreams. 
   . Live radiant life; and shine.
   . Take a risk. Now, take another.
   . Expose your insight + authentic humanity.
   . Watch as synchronicity unfolds and abounds. 
   . Choose consciousness + compassion, always.
   . Practice yoga + mediation = wings for the leap into a creative life.
Dites moi, SVP, about your mission.

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