Thursday, November 11, 2010


Today, I leave on a pilgrimage for which I've spent the last several weeks preparing. To ensure my aching back does not interfere with the voyage and the 10 days twice daily of yoga, I visited Gui-Fang Chen . . .

. . . for the most effective acupuncture treatments. Now, I am able to twist side to side with ease again.

The post-monsoon season weather in Rishikesh will be divine, at least according to this forecast.

My suitcase is smartly packed with Flight 001's amazing spacepaks. The compression bags hold two weeks worth of clothing and fit into a carry on bag, which I'll check. The balance of my suitcase is filled with 15 skeins of yummy yarn for the girls and women of the Mother Miracle School in Rishikesh. On my return, I'll have lots of room to bring a little India back for loved ones.

Now, that's some yarn.

My companions for this journey? My journal.

A book.

And another book, this one on my iPod.

Plus, I'm bringing an intention for the retreat, a sense of adventure and an open heart. I'm looking forward to new experiences, the beauty of holy places and a deeper connection within.

SVP, join me.

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