Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sounds of Fall 2010

Fall officially arrives in two days. I hear autumn approaching with the sporadic sound of acorns plunking off sidewalks and car hoods, very different from what I expect to hear soon in India.

Tracey Jackson has prepared me for some the soundtrack of New Delhi. {Tracey is a NYC-based writer, director, producer, screenwriter whose blog I follow and whom I recently met live and in person. She graciously carved time out of a weekend trip to Washington, D.C., with her husband Glen, to meet for drinks.}

In the courtyard of her hotel in the heart of Georgetown, Tracey told me if we were in a similar space Delhi, we would hear the repeated honk honk HONKs as Indians drive with one hand on the horn. Eventually, Tracey assured, it becomes white noise.

While researching Rishikesh this weekend, I happened upon a blog with audio clips of the LOUD India I am gearing up to visit. The blog is called Field Abuse and its goal is to “reveal the contradiction between the idealistic look of the spiritual western traveler looking for some enlightenment and the reality of a chaotic and quite noisy country.” Take a listen to the sounds of my destination.

So, now I’m planning to bring even more pairs of my pretty in pink earplugs for the trip. I remain eager to immerse myself in the sounds – and sights, smells, tastes and more – of the Indian experience.

Before I do, let me tell you more about Tracey.

I learned about this fascinating woman’s almost daily blog in a recent edition of Town and Country magazine. Her credits are numerous; among her recent creations is Lucky Ducks, in her words, “a very personal film about what it means to raise a child today, how what we carry with us from our own childhood bleeds into our parenting whether we know it or not; and that to fix your kid you really have to fix yourself first.”

She recently posted about embarking on a face to facebook tour, visiting old friends with whom she has reunited online. I was delighted when she took me up on my offer to meet when she came to town. A half hour cup of coffee became two and a half during which we talked about her new book, Between a Rock and a Hot Place: Why Fifty Is Not the New Thirty, India and more. Thank you Tracey, for being so generous and gracious!

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