Friday, September 24, 2010

Love, Autumn

On the drive to an early meeting this morning, I watched the September Harvest Moon set in front of me whilst a splendid orange sunrise glowed in my rear view mirror. I noticed the trees along the George Washington Parkway are losing their summer luster; they are only beginning to bear the colors of fall.

Later, in the middle of a parking lot far from the tree-lined edges, I found a tiny red oak leaf resting gently on the windshield of my car. So unexpected and dear. A love note from autumn?

I know this sounds trite, but it's true: I love fall. Colorful foliage, cooler days and clothing in layers. It's a time of personal renewal for me as my energy increases and motivation becomes more intense. I accomplish so much more than I do the entire summer. Look for big things in the months ahead!

Dites moi, SVP, what's on the horizon for you?

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