Sunday, July 4, 2010

First Lady of Fabulous

In my opinion, she certainly is. She is Michelle Obama, first lady, mother, daughter, sister, role model, champion and neighbor.

The first image is that of a Blue Q shopping bag, which is made from 95 percent post consumer material. It's a find from a recent visit to Pearl River Mart in Soho, NYC.

Among the bag’s patriot-themed bunting are the words, “First Lady of Fabulous” and “Mighty Michelle.” Images of Bo, encircled with “We Love Her,” embellish the side panels and the little pocket inside the bag.

The second image of Michelle is a special favorite of mine, from a February 2010 interview with Robin Givhan (love love love her, too). Simply gorgeous!

What I love about my neighbor, Michelle, exactly

  • Her intelligence, confidence and wit makes for one beautiful individual
  • The pearls on her wrist inspire, as does her campaign targeting childhood obesity
  • The company she keeps, specifically the three generations of women living under one roof at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. {I offer my greetings every evening I roll past their home}.

Michelle, Sasha, Malia and Marian, sooo happy you live close by. Let’s meet for yoga! btw, I have beautiful faux pearl malas for you. Please call or e-mail anytime.

Photos: 1. Blue Q; 2. Photo by Marvin Joseph, The Washington Post

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  1. I second, third and TENTH that! Love the Obamas!