Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Dreams

This week’s sublime forecast, courtesy of Rob Brezsny.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22)

According to Hawaiian mythology, the soul leaves the body during the night to seek the adventures known as dreams. The place of departure and re-entry is the *soul pit* (*lua'uhane*), which is located in the tear duct of the eye.

During the next few nights, I'd love for you to send your soul flying out though your soul pit for some daring exploits that will revitalize your lust for life.

Take your backlog of stored-up tears along with you, and pour them down like rain on the secret garden you've been neglecting. The garden will respond to the downpour with a big growth spurt.

My usually vibrant dreams are even more so. SVP, tell me about yours.

p.s. happy birthday(!) to moi 7.23. hmmm, where will my dreams take me now?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

My 101 Things List — Part One

Ted Leonsis’ list of 101 things he wants to do in life inspires many individuals. Ted reconsidered his priorities and goals following a close brush with mortality at age 27. He recorded personal and professional goals, and accomplished 80+ of them so far, fueled by happiness*.

My own brush with mortality occurred two years ago this month {honestly, as my husband says, it was part science fiction and part fairy tale. My biggest lessons, more than anything, have been to live fully in the moment and nurture my fearlessness.}

I’m well beyond my twenties. As I look ahead, I find myself reflecting on this marvelous life journey. Whilst compiling my list of 101 things in toto, I’m claiming credit for accomplishments and experiences already checked off my list. Following is a retrospective, or

My First 50

1. Learn the Tango

2. Work for myself

3. See Paris

4. Attend at least one presidential inaugural ball

5. Travel to my ancestral homeland and visit the village of my grandfather’s birth

6. Fall in love

7. Attend at least one of the Dalai Lama’s teachings

8. Backpack across Europe by myself

9. Manage the press for the one of world’s largest multi-sport sporting events

10.Go to a nude beach {enjoy the sun! play in the surf!}

11. Live in a big city

12. Write statements about the First Amendment to be read on the floor of the U.S. Senate

13. Meet Johnny Bench

14. Create a wonderful family

15. Learn how to hand knot a strand of pearls

16. Drop out of the rat race for two years

17. Work on an ocean expedition

18. Attend a yoga retreat on a tropical island

19. Adopt the smartest and sweetest feline, ever

20. Dye my hair pink

21. Establish a consistent meditation practice

22. Oversee a national marketing/communications campaign with signage that really endures

23. Attend Cornell

24. Establish a consistent yoga practice

25. Meet descendants of the Romanovs

26. Dye my hair purple

27. Blog

28. Be a godmother

29. Become vegetarian

30. Complete yoga teacher training

31. Learn to sew knits

32. Learn to cook international vegetarian dishes

33. Escape to a luxury spa in southwestern Utah for two decadent weeks

34. See the baseball, hockey and horse racing halls of fame

35. Search for my true self

36. Travel to most major cities in the United States

37. Make a difference in someone’s life

38. Produce television public service announcements and persuade stations across the country to air them

39. Study Buddhism

40. Learn to breathe

41. Get at least one tattoo

42. Hike hundreds of miles of the Appalachian Trail

43. See Paris a couple more times

44. Survive a brush with mortality

45. When the time comes, seek appropriate cosmetic treatments

46. Learn to shoot video

47. Volunteer

48. Start to live in the moment

49. Toss a bottle, with a message of peace and love, into the ocean and meet the wonderful soul who discovers it

50. Live a radiant life

To come . . . the Next 51.

Dites moi, what do your lists look like?

* Looking forward to reading The Business of Happiness. Perhaps meeting Ted is on my list of 50+.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

First Lady of Fabulous

In my opinion, she certainly is. She is Michelle Obama, first lady, mother, daughter, sister, role model, champion and neighbor.

The first image is that of a Blue Q shopping bag, which is made from 95 percent post consumer material. It's a find from a recent visit to Pearl River Mart in Soho, NYC.

Among the bag’s patriot-themed bunting are the words, “First Lady of Fabulous” and “Mighty Michelle.” Images of Bo, encircled with “We Love Her,” embellish the side panels and the little pocket inside the bag.

The second image of Michelle is a special favorite of mine, from a February 2010 interview with Robin Givhan (love love love her, too). Simply gorgeous!

What I love about my neighbor, Michelle, exactly

  • Her intelligence, confidence and wit makes for one beautiful individual
  • The pearls on her wrist inspire, as does her campaign targeting childhood obesity
  • The company she keeps, specifically the three generations of women living under one roof at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. {I offer my greetings every evening I roll past their home}.

Michelle, Sasha, Malia and Marian, sooo happy you live close by. Let’s meet for yoga! btw, I have beautiful faux pearl malas for you. Please call or e-mail anytime.

Photos: 1. Blue Q; 2. Photo by Marvin Joseph, The Washington Post