Sunday, June 13, 2010

Malas, Made with Love (and Peace & Love)

Long strands of pearls draped around one’s neck are simply beautiful. So Chanel, sooo Coco.

The idea of hand-knotted, faux pearl malas surfaced when I imagined this blog. After weeks of experimenting with glass pearls and hand-knotting tools and techniques, I’ve made several beautiful strands in white, ivory and the palest pink. The guru and marker beads are multi-faceted oval crystals with a soft iridescent sheen.

Thus far, I’ve strung prayer beads and gifted them to

    • The dearest yoga teacher from whom I have learned much about myself
    • A beloved colleague who inspires me
    • A joyful friend, originally from India, who shares her world of the love for words, yoga and fellow sentient beings
    • A kind Mongolian Buddhist who celebrates at a temple near Belmar, N.J., where I coincidentally spent childhood summers

While knotting the thread I am reminded of my mother, who was a skilled and prolific knitter. I have gained a greater appreciation for the rhythm of the craft and the connection with the person for whom the object is being created. I feel mom lovingly knit one, purl two, for ME. I hope each recipient can feel the love in every pearl I slip down the thread, loop and knot.

May all beings benefit.


  1. that is simply gorgeous! you have done a fabulous job. you should seriously consider selling them :) hugs!!

  2. I agree, these are absolutely beautiful. Would you ever consider selling them? PS Love your blog!

  3. I would definitely buy a pair of pearl malas from you my darling. Love, kisses, and Namaste.

  4. You are beautiful, like that you create. You are what you believe and you believe truth and beauty!