Monday, May 31, 2010

La Plus Ca Change

the more things . . . change, which is a good thing when it involves sacred spaces and sacred memories evolving unbeknownst to me, with artistic devotion.

From one end of Caroline Street in Fredericksburg, Va. (our destination this weekend), to the other, these photos capture change I deem loving.

First, a Reformed Baptist Church, built in 1833, remodeled by the First Christian Church in 1890 and site of my wedding in 1998 whilst it housed the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Fredericksburg. It is also the space where I practiced yoga hours before the ceremony. The structure is now the home of Trista's luscious
Eileen's Bakery & Café.

And a loft-like space, part percussion center and part art gallery, where the reception following said wedding took place. Imagine the rough hewn floors, dynamic art and
Ken, an engaged community artist. Ken recently moved to the beat of his own drum and relocated mere blocks away.

Yesterday, as I paused outside of Eileen's, my iPhone rang. It was my brother Tom, calling from Boston and creating what Carl Jung called a meaningful coincidence. Twelve years ago, my dearest brother served as my lone attendant and Man of Honor at my wedding inside the 177 year-old sacred space in front of me.

Ah, the art of evolution and synchronicity.

Dites-moi, svp, how has art, evolution or synchronicity made your life even more beautiful?


  1. omg those cupcakes look delicious! Note to self...if I ever visit D.C. I better go to Eileen's!

  2. A note to myself that next time I'm in the area i'm heading down to Fredericksburg to check out the beautiful changes to Caroline street! So happy to find such beauty in the world!