Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Where Did You Meditate Today?

Through meditation one realizes the unbound.
That which is unbound is happy.

Since December 6, 2009, I have meditated anywhere, anytime. My portable practice has enabled me to sit every day for 20 minutes at least once and nearly every day, twice.

Personally, my steady mediation practice has been quietly transformative.

Most days I meditate at home and/or in my office. However, I've gone within many other places:

  • In New York City's Madison Square Garden, Section 133
  • On U.S. Air flight #1743, seat 20C
  • At the salon, whilst my hair processed
  • In the chapel and meditation room at Sibley Hospital in Washington, D.C.
  • On the may before yoga
  • At VQS (Vieques, P.R.); an airport! my teacher would be so proud
  • In the jungles of Puerto Rico
  • In the passenger seat of our Honda, on I-95 south of D.C., at 70 mph
  • In the comfy chair at the salon (hair day again!)

So, I encourage you to sit, close your eyes and breathe. It really is that simple to go inward and transcend. It has been called bliss, which grows from within.

I say radiate, from the inside out.

Tell me about your meditation practice or your desire for one.

Photo: My beloved great niece Claire, born December 6, 2009, the same day I received my mantra from my meditation teacher.


  1. such a cutie!! i love mediating. it really can be done anywhere, anytime. that's the beauty of it! i've been working with a mantra that my vedic astrologer gave me. love it, love it, love it!!


  2. Vedic astrology sounds so interesting! Can you recommend anyone?