Monday, March 8, 2010

Smiling Faces

As I reflect on my experience of the four-day yoga retreat in the Spanish Virgin Islands, I'll remember the strong sense of community, mutual respect, exploration & adventure, practice & meditation, and balance & peace.

The following passage emerged from my return flight reading, Less by Marc Lesser; advice for returning home after retreats:

"... be gentle with yourself as you return to your life after a retreat. Accept the people, the problems, the joy and discomfort, just as if you were in retreat. Also, accept your annoyance, impatience, and judgments (about yourself and others).

"To bring the spirit of your retreat to your life means to accept whatever comes up, not that each moment of your life will or should be henceforth serene. Welcome back to the world!"


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  1. sounds delightful! such cute smiling faces :) hugs!!