Monday, March 29, 2010

Food for Thought

For twelve hours over the last two days, I practiced yoga at the feet of the Jivamukti masters Sharon Gannon and David Life. I balanced, twisted and inverted. And meditated, listened and reflected.

David says the practice of yoga in religious spaces is an exhaled experience. Here, at the St. Francis Hall at the Franciscan Monastery in Washington, D.C., the space and experience was completed with disco ball suspended from the rafters of the hall. Shine, yogis!

Hundreds of yogis gathered and created community, chanting rounds of om and om shanti shanti shanti. OMmmmm resonates in both the body and the soul.

With gentle encouragement, David and Sharon alternated teaching and assisting the four, three-hour sessions. Sharon spoke passionately about the practice of ahimsa and uplifting the lives of all beings. Three other messages linger:

· Yoga and life are equal parts strength and grace

· Balance the heart and the head

· Nurture your fearlessness

It is a honor to share this journey with Sharon, David and you.

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  1. sounds absolutely wonderful!! i hope to one day do a retreat with sharon & david. hugs!!